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Do you have some comments about your recent Tesco experience? If yes, you can visit www.TescoViews.com to leave your feedback by entering their customer survey. Once you complete the survey, you could receive 25 Tesco Club points as a reward and a chance to win a £1,000 Tesco gift card for your future purchase.

How to enter the Tesco Receipt survey:

To give your feedback, you should have your recent Tesco receipt at hand as it will ask you to enter some important information from the receipt when open the survey site www.TescoViews.com.

Once you provide them correctly, just click on the “Enter” button to start the survey.

You can answer the survey questions based on your recent Tesco experience. At the end, provide your contact information to receive your entry of the prize draw.

And if you have a Tesco Clubcard, provide your card number to receive your points.

Learn more from www.TescoViews.com!

If you live in Ireland, please visit www.TescoViews.ie to complete the survey and enter the prize draw.

About Tesco:

Tesco is one of the biggest grocery and supermarket stores in the Untied Kingdom. Here you can shop for everything from groceries and recipes to homeware, electricals, Clubcard and more.

7 thoughts on “www.TescoViews.com – Tesco Views Receipt Survey

  1. I was served by JANET yesterday what a friendly lady she is SHAME more assistance isn’t given in other shop’s by the shop staff . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JANET.

  2. I was so disappointed yesterday when I shopped at Tesco. I wanted some frozen lamb mince and after searching the freezer aisles, I was told that they only did beef. I have had lamb before but was told I was mistaken. I also wanted some weightwatchers white bread, and there was none on the shelf. again I asked and was told you do not stock it??? I tried to find the individual lemon cheesecakes, and could find none. I can get them on line but not in the store. another one I can get on line but not in store is double cream long life (oats) I went round the corner to Morrisons and found all I wanted there.

  3. Why is it when I go to my local TESCO with my own bag that I have to fill it myself?

    Church St. Lisson Grove.

  4. Very Urgent for the Tesco Express Manager, Bounds green Road .N22
    I visited your store today at 15:29 (05/09/16 ) .I tried to contact the manager but the telephone is out of service at the moment 0345 6746374 .
    The customer in front of me dropped his £10.0 Note just outside the entrance door. Your Security man near the entrance, ran out and picked up the note and instead of returning to the customer, he pocketed the note. He has curly black hair and appears to be of West Indian origin. If he himself is
    dis honest, what could you expect from him ?
    Prompt response.

  5. Why oh why do you remove lines without warning?? Even your staff are not made aware.

    In just the last week, ghastly Kipling cakes have, like giant cuckoos, taken up the small space that Eccles cakes used to occupy and it looks as if you’ve just dumped this long-established regional speciality. Adding insult to injury, you also appear to have consigned to Room 101 your own Tesco Finest brand of chocolate Florentines – please don’t employ the usual bleat of unprofitability being the cause: just put back on the shelf the goods that YOUR CUSTOMER(s) wants.

  6. I Lorraine goodin help me with a breakfast club at howdenburn primary school.
    if it was not for Tesco and Lorraine’s support we would not be able to have our breakfast club.

  7. I visited your Tesco store at the Retail Park Inverness on 17th February and was served by Ticketyboo, who was most helpful, professional, patience, kind with a great knowledge of the TV product I was looking for.

    He is a CREDIT to your store and company and a gentleman to say the least, he is a valuable employee, and an assest. GIVE HIM A RISE.!!! He deserves it.

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