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Mister Car Wash is the # 1 full service car wash and lube center chain in the USA. It has a rich and extensive business experience and a great team of professionals with over 45 years of experience under his belt in the cleaning and reconditioning of vehicles sector.

The company like very much to learn how satisfied were you with the service provided by their staff. So if you recently visited the Mister Car Wash, you can go to the website www.Tellmister.com to take part in their customer satisfaction survey and leave your feedback and advice to help them improve. In additional, you can receive a 25% off coupon for your next service purchase.

How to complete the survey?

First, have a recent Mister Car Wash receipt at hand and open the above survey website link in your web browser.

Second, select your language and provide the required information from your receipt, such as Date, Time, Location Number and Purchase amount. Once you enter all of them, click on the “Start” button to continue.

Mister Car Wash Customer Satisfaction Survey

Third, answer the survey questions one by one based on your true experience.

Fourth, leave your Email address to receive your 25% off coupon. You should print out the coupon and bring it to your local Mister Car Wash store, then present it to the staff to redeem the offer.

Click here to enter the survey now!

8 thoughts on “www.Tellmister.com – Mister Car Wash Receipt Survey

  1. when they came to town they did a pretty good job.But every time since it

    gets worse and worse.And they are not the cheapest.

  2. 1 st day had a problem with worker left car wash .went back to day had car washed. job was very poor car dirty inside and out.

  3. I first found Mister Car Wash in South Jordan and liked the work done on my car. I found the Price of $6.00 a reasonable cost since I get free use of vacuum to compliment the wash on the outside. I have since since moved and found Mister Car Wash in West Jordan and I am enjoying the same satisfaction as with the one in South Jordan.

  4. This was by far the worst wash I have ever experienced. My bad for not checking it before I left the location but when I got home the bug splatter on the front end was hardly touched. I tried to go on line to fill out the survey but that wouldn’t work either.
    I cannot recommend facility #393 on Snow Heights Circle in Albuquerque. For the price the service is extremely poor.

  5. Very unhappy with your car wash, Bugs still on front of car and windhield still filmy on insde. dirt on back fender. Will not be back.$21.39 wasted

  6. The drying is the worst, the last times I have used your service I have to go home and finish drying my car, this never happened with the previous owner, I’m not sure I’ll go back.

  7. The drying is terrible, the last times that you washed my car I had to go home and finish drying it, this never happened with the previous owner. I am not sure I’ll return.

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