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Like other fast food, Burger King is also collecting feedback from its customers continuously to maintain its high service level and food quality. If you visited Burger King recently, you can use the Burger King receipt to enter the Burger King Online Customer Survey at www.MyBKExperience.com.

Here are steps to follow to fill in its survey form:

First of all, you need to go to its guest satisfaction survey by clicking the following link: https://www.mybkexperience.com! Then you need to enter your restaurant number located on the front of your receipt, since they need to hear from people who really dined at their place.

After entering your restaurant number, you need to answer requested questions one by one. They are really simple and not time-consuming at all.

At the end of the survey, you will get a validation code to use for your next visit. You need to make sure to have your code as well as your receipt with you to redeem your offer.

Click here to start the receipt survey now!

About Burger King:

I believe that everybody knows Burger King, and has dined at Burger King before. But few really know neither its history nor its survey event online. Burger King (BK) is a global fast food restaurant, which was founded in Florida in 1953. At the end of fiscal year 2014, BK had over 13.000 outlets in 79 countries, so it’s not only “burger king” but “fast food king”. So far, nearly 35.000 people are working for Burger King. It is truly amazing.

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  1. My Mom,children and I visited Burger King today 1/08/15 at 4:19. I honestly never really want to go to Burger King again because of the last experience 1/06/15 and now this experience. I am not a happy customer. Not only was the place dirty the cashier was so focused on the TV (Maury) that she couldn’t take our order, she would look around us before she even took the order to watch the TV. This Paticular Burger King it was disgustingly gross in the back not being clean, napkins everywhere on and under the tables, tea all over the counters the employees walking out the door with money bags before we even can get our order and if they actually pay for it would be more than what they made in a week FULL, they had no condiments out, the Tea had to have been left out all day had a twang to it sour but yet it was cold inside the restaurant the chicken sandwiches we got were so greasy for this healthy restaurant. We had to make sure that we ordered fries with no salt just so that we can have hot fries. The chicken sandwiches were scalding 2. You could feel the hot Grease going down your throat and actually burnt the side of my kids lip. The bacon cheeseburger had mustard and ketchup perfusly falling out of it( gobbed) The other day we ordered the chicken sandwiches. The chicken sandwich was great I ordered but the small fry only had 9 cold french fries in it. I had to go back in and ask for my $2 back because I got less fries for a dollar more then the cheapest frost smallest fries I’m just not happy with my experiences there. I guess it’s all about the laugh and not the work I sure would appreciate if I could recommend this to people like i did in all the other states i lived in. I just hate that we’re here and i cant enjoy this great food.I don’t know what we can do about it other than let you know so that you can fix it and all together it cost $19.71. I just can’t see my money going down the drain again for a unpredicted experience for a place to be so dirty and degrading I guess she thought the it was OK to be ignored for the TV that was on behind us blaring while the music was on. Thank You. I would recall love to speak to the DM please my # is (337) 241-3836

  2. I bought a burger & onion rings 3-19-15 @ store # 4027…tried to do the survey 3-20-15 …your web site said my info was incorrect… tried 5 times …reject 5x’s guess I know where I’m not wanted…where is the MC D or SubWa…I used to eat 1 or 2 Whoppers 6 day a week in Stockbridge, Ga

  3. We just got breakfast from store 4375. Crown Point, IN everything was cold. No syrup, jellies, etc that come with a ultimate platter. The really frustrating part it took 12 minutes in the drive thru with no one in front of us. I seen our order sitting there. The cashier Lauren seemed preoccupied. We went there because we were in a rush. I haven’t been to bk in a long time. Every location I try is same slow service inconsistent food. Bk needs to step it up or they will be closed. Just my opinion. Beings that I spend about 800 a month eating out. My opinion counts

  4. I tried to enter the survey but was told the survey was not available as you had reached your daily limit, or words to that affect.

    I really enjoyed my bacon and eggs breakfast and was looking forward to a free WHOPPER but I was cut off. I did not even get beyond the first three sets of information. My adult son and his young son often enjoy Burger King take out, have been eating same for years. I didn’t think it was fair that I was cut off and unable to enjoy my prize. Why have a contest when you don’t let people participate according to the information printed on my receipt? Why have a contest when you just cut off people when they were looking forward to participating. Goodbye for now. Hope next time you say you have a contest – people are allowed to participate with the hope of another terrific food product as a prize. I know the 3 of us are small potatoes compared to some very, very large families, but my money is as good as the next guys and I am always looking forward to take out from BK.

  5. Why am I being blocked now? I said I was blocked from entering your contest and now I am being blocked from sending my comment. I enjoyed my bacon and eggs – my family love BK food & enjoy it often. Please consider sending me a reply as to why I have been blocked even after I send a comment as specified.
    bernissb@gmail.com – not sure what the Website is- I am on IE – not familiar with the correct wordage for this request. Not very familiar with the computering. Hope I will be allowed to enter next time I attempt to enter your contest.

  6. There’s no survey code on my receipt!! Guess no one wants to know how Burger King performs on the South Side of Chicago

  7. Tried fo r survey for free sandwich, but it said your request were filled, too bad . Waisted my time

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