www.MCDVoice.com – McDonald’s Receipt Survey

Did you visit a McDonald’s restaurant recently? Would you like to tell something about your dining experience? If yes, just go to the website www.MCDVoice.com to participate in the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. Upon completion of the survey, you will receive a discount offer for your next purchase.

How to participate in the “MCD Voice” survey?

First of all, open the above survey website link www.MCDVoice.com in your web browser, then enter the 26-digit survey code printed on your receipt and click the “Start” button to continue.

On the next page, enter the required information from your recent McDonald’s receipt, such as the date and time of visit, cashier number, and more. Once you complete all, click on the “Next” button.

Then you need to rate their customer service, product quality, cashier and sale associate, and leave your own advice and suggestions to help them improve.

At the end of the survey, you will get a valid redemption code on the screen. Just write it on your receipt and bring it to your local McDonald’s restaurant next time to redeem the discount offer, such as a free burger or money off.

Start the MCD Voice survey now!

Please note: You must be a legal resident who is 18 or older to enter & win. Limit one entry per receipt per person. You may participate in up to five surveys per month per restaurant. View more details at www.MCDVoice.com!

For McDonald’s UK stores, please click here to enter the survey.

18 thoughts on “www.MCDVoice.com – McDonald’s Receipt Survey

  1. We are retired people and eat at McDonald’s often. The survey is a wonderful way to express our thanks for being there.

  2. We really enjoy going to McDonalds after church. We appreciate the great, friendly service.

  3. I was at a Mc Donalds in Elkhart In. 2808 Cassopolis Street this morning ordering a Sausage Egg Mc Muffin and wound up getting a Sausage Egg Mc Griddle instead. I took it back and was told this is what i ordered according to my reciept, they would not replace it , and that it was too busy that i should dispute it later. #1 I drive Over The Road,#2. I wasn’t coming back the same way. I was very displeased with the managers decision and I will not patronize this location ever again. Thank you.

  4. The manager was very rude. I entered the McDonald’s restaurant a few feet behind the manager that had just been doing something out side. She allowed the doors to slam in my face as she proceeded just a few feet ahead of me. I went to the register to place my order. The manager began having a social conversation with the person who was suppose to be taking my order. Once their conversation ended I placed my order and moved to the pick up line. The manger brushed by me and went to the same counter to talk to an employee behind the counter. After her conversation ended she then went behind the counter and headed for her office. I often stop at this McDonald’s on my way to work. After this treatment I may go to either the Burger King, Duncan Doughnuts or Wendy’s which are all in close proximity to the McDonalds on Cottage Grove in Bloomfield, CT. to save time and for better treatment.

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