www.DGCustomerFirst.com – Dollar General Receipt Survey

Dollar General is launching a new Customer Satisfaction Survey online at www.DGCustomerFirst.com and the original website www.DollarGeneralSurvey.com is not working any more. As long as you have a recent Dollar General receipt, you can go to the website www.DGCustomerFirst.com to take part in the survey and leave your own comments to this grocery retailer. Once you complete the survey successfully, you would have a chance to win a check in the amount of $500 cash monthly or $100 cash weekly!

How to complete the Dollar General Receipt survey?

First of all, open the above mentioned website www.dgcustomerfirst.com in your web browser. It will ask you to enter the 15-digit survey code and other required information from your Dollar General receipt.  Click the “Start” button to continue.

Then on the next page, you can answer the survey questions they provide. Your answers will not affect your right to win so that you can leave your true thought about your Dollar General experience.

At the end of the survey, submit your personal information so that you will be automatically entered into the monthly sweepstakes for your chance to win one of three grand prizes each month.

Click here to start the survey now!

Please note: The Dollar General Customer Survey sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the U.S. who are age eighteen (18) or older. It occurs monthly, limit only one entry per person or household each month.

See more rules and details here.

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37 thoughts on “www.DGCustomerFirst.com – Dollar General Receipt Survey

  1. I go to this store several times each week. I have said many times before about my concern about the isles being blocked with stock. If this continues someone will fall and lawsuit her it comes.

    The other thing that gets me P Oed is the coupons posted for so much off, ask about it, clerk says go on line NO COUPON.

    This store is my wal-mart but don<ty send me back to the real Wal-Mart please.

  2. Store #11480 is a mess.Stock blocking the isles,merchandise unorganized.I have shopped there for 7 years,each time I go it is worse.Constant turnover of staff,I know it can be improved because of other DG I have seen are very nice.I am at the point that I will not shop there anymore.
    Thank You

  3. here in Mayfield our store is not plowed from the snow storm 2 days ago the store is closed if you want to do business you need to keep the doors open what goes here??? our people have accepted your store now keep it open so let’s get with it !! many folks have come to depend on this store and are very disappointed !!

  4. The “FEW” employees that is there are “GREAT”. But they work too hard getting stock out and running the registers. Neither is done well, but they do the best they can. Hire more employees!!

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